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Senior Patrol Leader: Sam S
Assistant SPLs: Aaron K, William B, and Trevor A
Scoutmaster: Sandeep Kundra
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updated (8/30/2016)

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posted 8-30-2016
AdvanceCamp, 9/23-24/2016

Hey young scouts,

For anyone who is attending Advance Camp & needs tenderfoot requirement #3, please see me or Ethan at the next troop meeting. We got 2 meals (breakfast & lunch) to plan and prep for at AdvanceCamp. Ethan and I will assist you in the planning. (Requirement #3: On the campout, assist in preparing one of the meals. Tell why it's important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup)



posted 8-29-2016
AdvanceCamp 2016, 9/23-9/24 -- REMIDER 02

Scouts & Parents,

AdvanceCamp 2016 is taking place on 9/23-9/24 this year. See link for more details.

It's still not too late to sign up for AdvanceCamp 2016 & get the early registration price of $24 per person. I need to know by 5:00pm PST on WE, 8/31/2016 if you or your scout wishes to attend. Afterwards, the registration price will increase by $10. The earlier you register, the better the chance your scout will get into the class he wants.

Troop 110 has attended many times in the past. It's short, fun & provides scouts with a chance to earn merit badge(s), complete partial merit badges, get early rank requirements (Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class) signed off, or any combination of the above. Adults also have the opportunity to get SM/ASM training or Troop Committee Challenge.
See classes offered link. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Please let me know.


Hao Nguyen

posted 8-11-2016
AdvanceCamp 2016, 9/23-9/24 -- REMINDER 01

Parents & Scouts,

AdvanceCamp is coming in September (9/23-9/24). I am doing the registration for the troop. I know a handful of scouts have signed up to go. I NEED to know what classes (Trailhead, Merit Badges or Partials) your son wants to sign up for. There are AM & PM sessions.

There are also deadlines & fees involved. The earlier you identify the classes, the better chance your son will get his choice. All the info is on
their website.

If you have particular questions or want to sign up, please email me at


Hao Nguyen

posted 8-3-2016
AdvanceCamp 2016, 9/23-9/24

Hello parents,

We have AdvanceCamp coming up in September (9/23-9/24). Anhson & Ethan are heading up that effort. Below is an email from Anhson to the troop. I'll provide more details afterwards.

Hey Troop 110 Scouts,

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm leading Advance Camp with Ethan O'Niel which is coming up on September 23-24. You can earn merit badges, rank advancements & even get partials done. If anyone is interested in attending, please look at the camp website to see what classes you're interested in taking & let me know at the next troop meeting. If you register early from July 1-August 31, then you only have to pay the minimum amount of $24 and you'll have a great chance of getting the classes you want.

For more information on Advance Camp,
here's the website.



More details...

It's a single night of camping FR-to-SA (at Contra Costa Fairgrounds) then the boys head off to work on rank advancements (Trail to Eagle) or Merit Badges or a combination of both. Scouts bring along a bag meal for dinner.

We'll have to provide breakfast and lunch this year. That should not be a big deal. More details to come.

Parents are also encouraged & welcome to attend. [We do need adults to supervise & provide two-deep leadership]. You can receive training, teach a Merit Badge class, volunteer or just follow your scout around.

Early registration is encouraged to ensure that your boys get into their classes. Prices do increase after 8/31. See the website for further details.

There will be a signup sheet at Wednesday's (8/3) meeting. You can also email me (haong@yahoo.com) if you and your scout plan to attend.


Hao Nguyen

posted 5-18-2016
Attention Troop Parents

Hi Troop 110 Parents!!

Summer is around the corner and school will be out shortly!! Lots of activities are planned for the boys of Troop 110. Please review
calendar for upcoming events.

Keep them busy so we do not hear the inevitable "MOM or DAD, I have nothing to do or I'm bored!"

Also, we have had a couple of boys that have Eagled out of the troop....big round of applause!

Sadly, that also means that we are not only going to miss their parents but it also leaves a couple of adult troop positions open.

The following positions now open are:

     Troop Treasurer

     Advancement Coordinator

If anyone is interested in one of these position, please contact myself or Sandeep. It is important to fill these positions and it is a wonderful way to be involved in your sons scouting experience.


Desiree Moreno
Committee chair

Mark Your Calendars!
Also See Troop Calendar
Look for further information regarding ecch activity as the dates approach.
Updated 8/24/2016

A U G U S T   2 0 1 6

Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
Advancement night

Aaron R


PLC @ 7:00 PM, Troop Committee @ 7:45 PM
St. Anne's Church

Sam S
Sandeep Kundra
Desiree Moreno


Cardboard Boat Building
10 AM at Mannah's house



Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
Game Night

John M,/Aaron K


Mt. Wittenberg Hike

Arman A./Ethan O


Cardboard Boat Building
10 AM at Mannah's house



Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
Partial MB work
Communications MB
(William B & John M)

William B/John M


Cardboard Boat Race vs. Troop 273
JLHS Pool; 12:30PM start. Bring squirt guns
($3.50 admission)

John M


Troop Meeting
St. Anne's Church
Communications MB
(William B & John M)

William B/John M




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