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Recent Hikes


Henry Coe State Park Hike & Campout, May 18-19, 2013
Just a quick report from the group that went to the Backpacking trip to Henry Coe State Park.
It was a good hike with our personal equipment; Mr. Heald our scoutmaster drove in with the Troop patrol boxes and miscellaneous gear.
We setup the tents and then hiked down to China Hole, had a short dunk and then hiked up the hill. Mostly uneventful except one patch where we had a few small scrapes due to a false trail.
We had food! we had lots of food and our cooking crew of Nick & Arsh handled the cooking and kept everyone fed like it was Thanksgiving dinner. For those scout parents who don't know that our scouts can cook: we have 5 pounds of hamburger cooked into Sloppy Joes and the pan was totally empty at the end of Saturday dinner, as were the hamburger buns and most of our cheese. In addition, the hardworking chefs cooked up about a dozen boca burgers, sliced tomatoes and onions, and shredded lettuce for the folks not eating the beef. The cooking team also cooked the rest of the hamburger (about 2.5 pounds) for breakfast so that it would not go bad during the night.
For breakfast the next morning we had scrambled eggs, bacon, the cooked hamburger from the previous night, and then some more bacon, and a little more bacon all around for a total of 4 pound of bacon in case any was keeping track. For the extra hungry people we also had oatmeal, apples and mandarin oranges.
The scout parents who think that our scouts can't cook and clean are obviously not giving them a chance to work on their culinary skills. As you can see from the Saturday evening pictures, the scout cleaning crew was right on the job to get the job done in the approved manner.
A number of scouts had various rank advancement requirements completed and signed off.
The campout, backpacking and hike may be applicable for some scouts for your rank or Camping MB requirements; please check with your SPL or applicable MB counselor.
After breakfast, the group cleaned up, packed up and had an good hike back to the parking area.
The only small items that need to be addressed for future backpacking trips:
-- Some of our scouts need proper backpacks to be able to carry their gear comfortably.
-- The scouts that did not bring messkits need to remember them next time or invest in a kit that can be packed easily into their backpacks.
-- A few small adjustment for our food planning to include butter/condiments/ cooking oil, etc.

Everyone seemed to have a very good time.
Sandeep Kundra
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Anget Island Bike Hike, September 15, 2012
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San Francisco Bike Hike, May 6, 2012
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20 Mile Hike, Lake Chabot Regional Park, June 26, 2011
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Sycamore Grove Bike Hike, June 19, 2011
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Mt. Tamalpias Hike, May 29, 2011
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Mt. Wittenburg Hike, January 23, 2011
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Oyster Bay Orienteering, January 9, 2011
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Alameda Creek Bike Hike
We had a great turn out for the bike hike last Sunday. Nine scouts and ten adults participated in the 20 mile round trip trek along the Alameda Creek. The weather started out overcast and cool but quickly broke to let the sun out and warm things up a little. Besides our 19 member convoy, we met a lot of other bikers, hikers, joggers, etc. enjoying the awesome scenery and getting the same well needed exercise. I want to thank Ron for taking pictures of our adventure. I also want to thank the other adults who came out to participate with the scouts. Without your presence the enhanced experience for the scouts would not have been possible---thank you!!! We are looking forward to other such excursions in the future.
Yours In Scouting,
John Gillen
SM, Troop 110

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Tolman Peak Hike
Last Saturday, James H., planned and lead a hike for his NYLT goal and did a great job leading the group. Ten Scouts and Six adults braved the 5 mile hike to Tolman Peak and back. The hike involved an elevation climb of over 900 feet, perfect for our beginner hikers. The peak has an elevation of 997 feet with an awesome few of the bay area. The weather was really beautiful with the sun peaking out at varies times just enough to comfortably heat things up. James did a great keeping the group in a mystery about what to expect during the hike. He did a great job explaining the varies wye points during the hike. We saw wild life, an abandon CALTRAN truck, had lunch at the peak, worked on lashings, and explored the tragic crash site of a passenger airplane that happen over 60 years ago. Pictures where taken of our experience and a slide show created from the pictures and attached--Enjoy.
I want to thank all the adults and scouts for coming out to support James. We all had a great time-
John Gillen
SM, Troop 110

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Mt Diablo Hike
Last Saturday, May 1st, 8 scouts and 7 adults bravely completed the 7 mile roundtrip trek to Mt Diablo summit. The weather was absolutey spetacular in the upper 70's with a cool breeze in the shade. There where alot of hikers, bikers, and other scouts out enjoying the weather, clear skies, and awing at the blanket of wild flowers, green grass, trees along the trails. Along our trek, we saw some Red Tailed hawks, a deer, a falcon, wild turkeys, and even Yellow Swallow Tails doing the mating dance at the Summit. I want to thank all the scouts and adults who came out and completed the hike. The hike was very challenging but everyone made it back. The scouts in charge did an awesome job in leading the hike, taking the job of "trail" leader very serously. A big thank you to the adult leaders who accompanied me on the hike and helped. Thanks to all for a very memorable event.
Yours In Scouting,
John Gillen
SM, Troop 110

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Bike Hike
The bike hike along Alameda Creek Trail was great. A total of 4 scouts and 5 adults attended the hike and ALL had a great time. The total distance (roundtrip) came to 18 miles. The weather was OK at least there was no rain. Along the hike, we met a lot of other hikers and bikers of all ages. We saw alot of wild life and got a close and almost personal encounter with a red tailed hawk. The hawk in the photo (courtesy of Kyle N.) is a three year old female hunting for food. She was released in the wild at Coyote Hills approximately three years ago. She is being tracked by a dosent from Coyote Hills. She allowed us to get close and watch her hunk, very beautiful bird.
At lunch time, Mr. Rodden erected his newly aquired very lite nylon shelter. The shelter is perfect for backpacking as it is a simple, lightweight structure but very effective. Thank you Mr. Rodden for the demo and education--always looking for new ideas.
Yours In Scouting,
John Gillen
SM, Troop 110

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The Mystery Hike (Monument Peak) was terrific. The weather was perfect, sunny and clear. Ed R. Levin County Park is a beautiful place. It is nestled in a small valley and has a fishing lake, gazebo, clean restrooms, a dog park and even a hang gliding area.
The hike started out at elevation 500 or so. Patrick S. ASPL led the outing, making sure that all of the participants knew the how, why and what of hiking basics. We crossed flowing creeks and ambled upward and upward. We passed unusual rock outcroppings and lots of bright orange poppies. When we got to the ridgeline, just below the summit at 2600 ft - we saw them: the mysterious rock walls. They were clearly built by an advanced culture. The rocks were carefully set, and many were quarried - being cut into rectilinear shapes and blocks. Some individual blocks were large and heavy, more than six grown men could move. And some wall sections were as high as six feet. Early Spanish explorers of the 1700's noted them in their journals, and they wrote that the walls seemed very old at that time already.
So who built them? Our ASPL Patrick S. has a theory, which he'll share at the COH.
This hike qualifies for a Rim-of-the-Bay segment patch. Good outing & great spirit. Kudos to all the participants.
Bruce Chan, ASM
[see more pictiures of Mystery Hike]


Mission Peak Hike
Just wanted to thank all those who came out and participated in the hike to Mission Peak. At total of 12 scouts, 7 adults, and two guests, came out and hiked the 7 mile round trip to Mission Peak. The weather was spectacular with a great view of the Bay Area. This marks the first Rim Rover hike for the troop this year. Looking forward to others this year.
Yours In Scouting
John Gillen, SM, Troop 110

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